Ultimate Turkey Bundle
Ultimate Turkey Bundle
Ultimate Turkey Bundle
Ultimate Turkey Bundle
Ultimate Turkey Bundle
Ultimate Turkey Bundle
Ultimate Turkey Bundle
Ultimate Turkey Bundle


Ultimate Turkey Bundle

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What's in the box:
Product DNA

• Easy to use all around call
• Great range for all turkey sounds
• Preferred calls of Beau Brooks
• Decoys are Lightweight for transport
• XHD Hyper Feathering and iridescence
• Flocked back on Strutter
• Apex stake system for motion in wind
• Magnetic ring fan-lock attachment

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Introducing the ultimate turkey hunting combo pack from Higdon Outdoors and Power Calls! Start with the Higdon Outdoors Feeder Hen Turkey Decoy, meticulously designed to replicate an unobservant feeding posture that irresistibly draws in gobblers. Complete with a stake and decoy bag for convenience. Then, add the Higdon Outdoors Apex Strutter Turkey Decoy to your arsenal. Crafted as a premium, beta-size full-strut tom decoy, its aggressive body posture challenges territorial toms, while its compact size instills confidence in their confrontation. But that's not all – amplify your hunting game with the Power Calls Beau Brooks Signature Series Pro Pack. Curated by turkey-calling maestro Beau Brooks himself, this pack offers a trio of top-tier calls: the versatile Batwing for all-around performance, the Mockingbird for pristine front-end yelps, and the Cutter for razor-sharp cuts and raspy backends. Elevate your turkey hunting experience to the next level with this unbeatable combination of decoys and calls.

Power Calls Beau Brooks Signature Series Pro Pack

When it comes to turkey calling, Beau Brooks wants to be able to achieve a WIDE variety of sounds to make sure he has a full grab bag of turkey vocalizations when he needs them!! The three calls in this pack are: the original Beau Brooks Signature Series Batwing, which is a true do it all call, The Mockingbird, which is Beau’s favorite call to use for a pure front end yelp, and The Cutter which is Beau’s favorite call to cut and yelp with extreme raspy backend. This pack is a next level of turkey calling.

Higdon Outdoors Apex Strutter Decoy

The Higdon Outdoors Apex Strutter Turkey Decoy is a premium, beta-size full-strut tom decoy that is sure to command attention. The aggressive body posture of this decoy is challenging to territorial toms, and the decoy's small size is sure to give them the confidence they need to rise to the confrontation.

The Apex Strutter is a premium turkey decoy that is quiet to deploy, super lightweight and painstakingly designed by professional turkey hunters, engineers and decoy designers. Higdon's XHD Hyper Feathering highlights each individual feather with deep carving technique and ultra-realistic paint, showcasing aggressive strutter details with bright whites, vibrant blues and glowing reds.

The rich, natural looking black flocking on the back of this decoy brings it to life. Use Higdon's innovative magnetic fan ring to mount the included premium Apex Synthetic Fan, or a natural feather turkey fan. With its included Apex Stake System, this decoy offers a ton of lifelike movement in even the slightest wind. The removable handle makes it easy to carry and can be used for reaping.

Package includes Apex Strutter Hardbody Decoy, Premium Apex Synthetic Fan, Apex Stake with on-board silent stake storage system, and stealth decoy carry bag.

Ultra-realistic beta-size Full strut tom decoy challenges and attracts territorial gobblers
Super-lightweight premium hard body strutter decoy weighs only 3.2 pounds
XHD Hyper Feathering process details each individual feather with incredibly natural looking irridescence and reflective details
Lifelike paint showcase aggressive strutter details with bright whites, vibrant blues and glowing reds that challenge any nearby tom
Flocked back and tail feathers with durable, high contrast uv paint scheme
APEX Universal stake system provides realistic decoy movement in even the slightest breeze and is fast and easy to set up.
Includes Higdon Outdoors premium synthtic Apex Strutter Fan
Innovative magnetic fan ring makes it easy to attach included synthetic fan or natural feather fan

Higdon Outdoors Feeder Hen Decoy

The Higdon Outdoors Feeder Hen Turkey Decoy mimics an unobservant feeding posture that is sure to lure in attention seeking gobblers. Pair this Feeder Hen decoy with any of our other Turkey decoys for a deadly combination of realism. Includes stake and decoy bag.

SIMPLE - One-piece, full body design with integrated stake storage
REALISTIC - XHD Hyper Feathering details each feather
KINETIC - Universal stake motion system brings decoy to life
TOUGH - Ultra lightweight & durable hard body design

Higdon Outdoors has brought our legendary decoy expertise to the world of turkey hunting. Our design, engineering and turkey hunting professionals have teamed up to design a full line of decoys that are versatile, easy to set up, simple to use, and are sure to lure in aggressive gobblers. Each of these hard body ultra lightweight decoys utilizes our XHD Hyper Feathering process that showcases each individual feather for maximum realism. The universal stake motion system brings these decoys to life in even the lightest breeze for subtle, natural decoy movement. Our realistic turkey decoy line includes a Quarter Strut Jake, Laydown Hen, Upright Hen and Feeder Hen. Use each decoy on its own or create your own combinations to customize your turkey spread and bring those big Toms right into range.

24 inches from beak to tail
7.75 inches wide

    WarningWARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm: www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

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    My go-to collection of calls and decoys, no matter the scenario. The unmatched quality of this call makes me proud to put my name on it. Top to bottom, this combo will surprise you in all scenarios.

    Beau Brooks
    Power Calls


    When it comes to mouth calls, their life span is known to be short, but they can have the ability to last with proper care. The key is how you take care of them. There are multiple ways to care for your mouth call. We recommend the following tactics to help prolong the life of your calls.

    Storage Tips:

    Keep them out of the Sun. Store in refrigerator, especially in the off-season. Avoid areas with high exposure to heat such as glove box or center console. Utilize multiple calls to disperse stress

    Sun and UV Ray Protection:

    UV rays might be one of the harshest elements when it comes to a mouth calls lifespan. Exposing your mouth call to UV can vaporize the latex and cause it to break down 10x faster than normal wear and tear. We recommend you DO NOT store your mouth calls in areas such as: On the dash of the truck. On a table or windowsill. Any areas with high exposure to heat

    "Picking" your mouth call:

    Picking your mouth calls is an excellent strategy to ensure your turkey hunting calls are consistently ready for each morning. The practice of 'picking' a mouth call involves inserting a plastic toothpick between the reeds after each use, effectively maintaining the separation of the reeds and preserving the call's effectiveness. Do not force it. Forcing the reeds, such as pushing them together without separating them, or attempting to do so when the call's reeds are dry and stuck together, can damage the latex. After you have picked the calls, allow them to dry out before putting them away in their case. Turkey mouth calls do not perform well when waterlogged or trapped in a moist environment.