Duck Caller
Power Calls
The world's best calls designed by the world's best callers.
Carbon Fiber

Utilizing carbon fiber and titanium (industry firsts) produces an almost indestructible game call that is superior in sound and volume.

Power Calls Production
3d printed call
3d printed prototyping

Designs from paper to product in mere minutes. Utilizing cutting edge technologies in sampling, allows us to shorten the innovation processes.

Worn-In Guts

All our canada goose calls have our exclusive worn-in guts system which is an exact replica of Kelley Powers' World Championship toneboard.

Meticulously Designed

All our turkey calls are manufactured and designed under the watchful eye of contest winning caller Beau Brooks.

Shallow-Pan Guts

All our speck and snow goose calls come included with our exclusive easy-to-use shallow pan toneboard designed by champion caller Brook Richard.

Science behind the call

Inspiration. Fuel. Madness.