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Combo Cut

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Product DNA

Easy to use high-volume call
Excellent for cutting and yelping
Full range of all hen turkey sounds

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The Power Calls Combo Cut is an easy to operate high-volume call. The Combo Cut is excellent for cutting and yelping and is capable of mimicking the full-range of hen Turkey sounds.

Product DNA
  • Easy to use high-volume call
  • Excellent for cutting and yelping
  • Full range of all hen turkey sounds
WarningWARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm:

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Jim Pratt
Combo Cut

Excellent sounding and easy to use, great call!

Loud call

Easy to use , loud cutting, really like it

Duane Wolfgang
Turkey call

Love it! Amazing turkey sounds and easy to use!

Ryan Bishop
New Favorite

This is the best call I’ve ever personally used. recommended this call to all my buddies that turkey hunt and I will be using this on opening morning.

Medium rasp Combo Cut. This call is capable of a wide variety of turkey sounds and is one of my favorites in our line. It can cut yelp purr and yelp with the best of them!

Kelley Powers
Power Calls


When it comes to mouth calls, their life span is known to be short, but they can have the ability to last with proper care. The key is how you take care of them. There are multiple ways to care for your mouth call. We recommend the following tactics to help prolong the life of your calls.

Storage Tips:

Keep them out of the Sun. Store in refrigerator, especially in the off-season. Avoid areas with high exposure to heat such as glove box or center console. Utilize multiple calls to disperse stress

Sun and UV Ray Protection:

UV rays might be one of the harshest elements when it comes to a mouth calls lifespan. Exposing your mouth call to UV can vaporize the latex and cause it to break down 10x faster than normal wear and tear. We recommend you DO NOT store your mouth calls in areas such as: On the dash of the truck. On a table or windowsill. Any areas with high exposure to heat

"Picking" your mouth call:

Picking your mouth calls is an excellent strategy to ensure your turkey hunting calls are consistently ready for each morning. The practice of 'picking' a mouth call involves inserting a plastic toothpick between the reeds after each use, effectively maintaining the separation of the reeds and preserving the call's effectiveness. Do not force it. Forcing the reeds, such as pushing them together without separating them, or attempting to do so when the call's reeds are dry and stuck together, can damage the latex. After you have picked the calls, allow them to dry out before putting them away in their case. Turkey mouth calls do not perform well when waterlogged or trapped in a moist environment.